Language guide for footwear and leather industry. The major benefit of the project is the share of expertise and globalized knowledge.


Project's Outcomes


Language guide in 10 languages


Interactive web portal

According World Footwear Yearbook global footwear production reached 23 billion pairs, thus to follow up with this, the European Footwear sector had to went through a period of transition and structuring in which it had to optimize its manufacturing capacity, performance and in particular workers. Moreover, it has been detected a high resistance in the development of the globalization process and its stabilization.

The New Footwear industry needs more qualified employees who are aware of the skills needed to provide a good service among our globalized world.

The Project will create a Multilanguage knowledge database (vocational terminology) for Footwear sector in order to promote sector innovation and effective collaboration.

A list of functional vocabulary words and definitions related to Footwear will be added including terms related to quality, new technologies, managerial activities (e.g. agile methodologies, project management), retail stores (customer satisfaction), employee qualities (professionalism, punctuality),and job positions in the sectors etc.


The major benefit of the project is the share of expertise and globalized knowledge with the target group: Designers and entrepreneurs, Workers in companies, Apprentices, VET students and VET providers, Current high end companies, Sellers, and Traders and improve their skills and attract new professionals for this sector. The International DicSHOEnary partnership among associations, research institutes and schools will bring a better link between theory and practical readiness.